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The smart approach to send large files.
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The smart approach to send large files.
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The safety of data is crucial in business. Share files securely online with an end-to-end data encryption, two-factor authentication, password protection, and virus screening service.


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We take an inquisitive, open-minded, and service-oriented approach to our work. We cater to a committed audience of people who want to improve their own health, as well as the health.


Dilbertfiles is a project formed by a group of dedicated IT experts. It was created to address one of the most common issues users have when attempting to distribute files over the internet: the dreaded FILE TOO LARGE error.

To put it another way, Dilbertfiles comes in handy when you need to transfer a large file to someone and no other service allows you to do so without purchasing a monthly storage plan.

To make the task of transferring huge files over the Internet a piece of cake.


Dilbertfiles has evolved into a suite of tools inspired by and tailored for the creative process.


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